Breast and bottle feeding support from an independent expert in London, UK

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. If you are a mother looking for empathetic, tailored support in feeding your baby, you are in the right place. Perhaps you are seeking help for a loved one or friend? Thank you for being so thoughtful and proactive.

I am a qualified breastfeeding counsellor in London with over 14 years of practical experience in working with new mothers and their families. I offer private home visits and follow up support for mothers, however they choose to feed their baby.

Fourteen years experience in NHS and private practice | Qualified NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor | Pragmatic, calm, empathetic approach

I know, from personal experience, about many of the lows and highs of breast and bottle feeding. Luckily I received great support when I had my two children, but it could have been very different. Helping other women, their babies and families to have the best experience possible has become an immensely fulfilling part of my life.

You are unique, and I will work with you to find solutions that suit you and your family. I believe in providing impartial, evidence-based, practical information which is tailored to you and your baby. I will support you whether you wish to exclusively breastfeed, mixed feed, or bottle-feed. This is a judgment-free zone!

I am often asked about my training, which organisations I work with and why I do this job, so here are answers to some of the questions you may have on your mind:


Are you a midwife?

No, I am a qualified and experienced antenatal teacher and NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor. I trained with UNICEF, specialist midwives and other baby feeding professionals over many years. Crucially, I have also worked with hundreds of breastfeeding and bottle feeding mothers. Interestingly, not all midwives, GPs and health visitors are extensively trained in breastfeeding. My approach is often different to standard advice you will have heard, because it is tailored to you and your baby.

Where do you work?

I provide private feeding visits in homes and hospitals across London and in my own home in SW15.
In addition, I work as an infant feeding supporter at St George’s Hospital and at the Heathbridge GP Practice in Putney. I am a qualified and busy antenatal teacher for Bump & Baby Club and the NCT. I have provided breast and bottle feeding workshops for over 2000 women and their partners.

Are you affiliated with the ABM, La Leche or any of the breastfeeding groups?

Each of these organisations does great work. However, I am careful not to promote a particular way of doing things. It saddens me when mums are sometimes made to feel guilty and inadequate if they cannot or do not want to exclusively breastfeed. One organisation (which shall remain nameless) got very upset when I suggested that there are times a mother should use a bottle!

Why do you do this job?

I was lucky and had great support with feeding when I had my children. However, so many women are repeatedly told that “breast is best” without having the vital postnatal help they need to succeed. They either go through unnecessary pain and trauma, or give up and live with years of guilt. I am sure that this contributes to postnatal depression. I love supporting women through this special time. There is nothing like the look of joy a mother has when her baby feeds well and she is pain free. Equally, it can be a huge relief for a mother when she understands and accepts why bottle or mixed feeding is the best option for her and her family.

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