We know that baby needs to be close to mum and have as much breast as possible in their mouth to feed well.  Babies often seem to “face plant” on the breast, especially in reclined feeding positions. But what will happen to baby’s nose?

Many new mothers ask whether their baby can breathe if their nose is touching the breast. Obviously, keep an eye on your baby. Assuming that your baby is full term, fit and well, they will usually adjust themselves so that they can breathe comfortably. If the end of baby’s nose is touching the breast then their nostrils are well designed to flare open on each side.  Keeping your baby’s body nice and close to your body can encourage baby’s nose to be slightly further away from the breast. Moving baby slightly further down towards their own feet can sometimes release their nose as they tip their head back a little more. Encouraging baby to reach for the breast from ever so slightly underneath can help too.  Remember not to put your hand over baby’s head and force them into the breast – then they really could be too close and will probably object and not feed.

It is important not to spend a feed holding the breast back with a finger, as this may block your milk ducts and prevent the breast from draining that area, which may result in lumps.

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