You would think it would be a nice problem to have.  Loads of lovely milk for your baby, rather than struggling to get the last drop with a baby who is never satisfied.  To be honest, mums that over produce milk or have a really forceful flow can often dread breastfeeding.  Their feeds are messy, baby unsettled, and their boobs can get really full and lumpy between feeds.

“Oh my goodness, this is a nightmare.  My baby cries at the breast and there is milk spurting everywhere.  If he comes off coughing it sprays all over the place.  He is constantly gassy and unhappy. I can’t leave the house, there is no way I could feed him in public.”

For most women this problem lasts a few weeks, although I have worked with mothers where it persists beyond this.  Some women find that the laid back feeding positions can help, and certainly feeding with baby’s head higher than their bottom (rather than baby horizontally across mum).  Letting the initial fast flow drain into a muslin or something can help.  Nipple shields can sometimes help to regulate the flow and make feeding easier for the baby.  Babies coping with fast flow might need more winding than others.

I often refer mothers to these excellent articles for advice on helping babies to cope with a fast flow, and how to manage oversupply

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