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Please find below some testimonials other parents have written about me. Please give me a ring on 07720 425897 to talk about how I can help you too. If you would prefer, email me on cathysage@gmail.com or send me a message (click here). I am generally available from 9am-9pm every day, including weekends.

A very huge thank you for your amazing support and breastfeeding advice. It is thanks to you that I am still exclusively breastfeeding and loving it! The service you provide is invaluable and Nick and I are truly grateful.

No one could have prepared me for the first few weeks of trying to establish feeding with my little boy – I thought it would be the most straight forward simple & natural thing to do. After leaving hospital the day after I gave birth with bleeding nipples and in agony, it quickly became apparent it was not going to be so straight forward after all. At the time I was offered no help from my health visitor or hospital midwives just told to persevere through everything and the pain and eventually it would happen BUT no matter what – do not switch to formula.

On the 5th night with a crying hungry baby (and mummy) I had no idea what to do and where to turn, I felt a failure for not being able to provide the milk without pain for my baby. I had met Cathy as the local NCT coodinator during my pregnancy at which time she was a pillar of strength for us all and a central point of information and connection. I decided after recommendation to ask Cathy about breastfeeding, after one telephone conversation initially the weight on my mind was lifted after being reassured for one night that formula milk would not hurt or affect anything and giving my breasts a chance to heal whilst we wait until the next day to meet.

The following evening Cathy came over – I still cannot believe to this day that within 60 minutes she changed everything for us – assisting us in mastering some fantastic feeding techniques that would help with latching on so much and also mainly being in a comfortable position myself. Encouraging my husband to take videos and pictures of me feeding in these newly learnt positions for a reference point later on, even figuring out that the breast pump I was using was just not working for me and advising me on the one I should be using. Six months of amazing problem free breastfeeding followed, and what was the most painful hard start (and me ready to give up) became the most enjoyable special bonding experience I could have imagined which I was very sad to have to stop. Our family cannot thank Cathy enough for this help and start she gave us and of course goes without saying we would recommend her to anyone.
Rebecca & Roberto (& baby Romeo), Putney

We were so grateful for Cathy’s support over video during lockdown with a newborn! Her guidance and impact was invaluable thanks to her endless enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement. I never thought I would feel comfortable enough to talk about breastfeeding via camera (!) but Cathy makes you feel at ease from your first interaction. She quickly became an integral part of our support system thanks to the flexibility of her being a video call away and is someone we’ll keep in touch with through our little girl’s feeding journey.

The prospect of discussing breastfeeding with a stranger via video call when you are still in the whirlwind of life with a newborn feels rather daunting. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but reached out to Cathy for support. We needn’t have worried at all – Cathy’s warmth, compassion and expertise were evident immediately and she made me feel both understood and at ease straight away. Her practical advice and reassurance made such a difference in overcoming our initial problems and are the reason that I am still breastfeeding my little girl today. I would recommend her to anyone hoping to breastfeed, all my friends who are currently pregnant have been given her contact details already!

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Cathy! In the bewildering post natal period, to have Cathy’s unwavering support and absolute commitment was invaluable – a real lifesaver. Cathy truly cares for and empathises with new parents and their babies and always has simple, practical advice to offer and finds solutions to suit you and your baby which cut through the overwhelming amount of often contradictory information which is out there. Cathy is so upbeat and positive and endlessly patient, never rushing a visit and always having time to listen to all your concerns and answer all your questions however big or small. From expert breast feeding advice to general baby (and new parent!) care, Cathy was always on hand to reassure and guide us through the tricky first few weeks helping us all to settle into family life and enjoy this precious time together. I would highly recommend Cathy to all new parents!

Thanks for you help, support and advice today. I really needed someone to empathise with me and tell me I had done well so far and that it was ok if I wanted to go with formula only. All other midwives and nurses seemed to frown when I told them which wasn’t helpful!
New Mum, Barnes

I planned to breastfeed Chaia; unfortunately, she had other plans.  She wouldn’t latch on when she was born, and the first night I spent 3 hours with a midwife trying and trying to get her to eat. Exhausted, I gave in, allowing her to be fed formula. I continued to struggle with feeding at the hospital, and the day after we were discharged, we went back in as Chaia was dehydrated.  The next day, I emailed Cathy.

Cathy was a saviour. She was over that evening. She patiently listened to my birth story, spoke with me about some of the reasons why we were struggling, and then assisted with showing me the best way to feed.  It was amazing. Chaia wasn’t immediately better but with determination, I was able to get her completely off of formula and onto breast. I would not have been able to do this without Cathy’s assistance. I will be forever grateful!”

We are enormously grateful for your calming influence and how you went out of your way for us last night. J is feeling much more confident and the pain is slowly getting better. [It is] a huge relief to have baby breast feeding whilst ‘properly’ latched on.

You’re a complete star and not many lovely people like you out there!

Video calling with Cathy saved my breastfeeding journey in the early weeks. She was so reassuring and the video made it feel almost like a face to face appointment. She was able to watch me feeding and offered really helpful practical suggestions as well as emotional support.

No pillows any more, no nipple shields and nor formula for a week! Thank you so much Cathy for all your help, we wouldn’t have got this far without you and definitely feel like we are getting there!

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